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Denny’s American Diner Al Ghurair

August 23, 2016

Noticeably, I’m on a constant hunt for new places to eat juts because it’s my way of distressing. Shopping expensive things never really sat well with me. And just about that, I recently passed by Al Ghurair mall to visit G-Shock factory outlet for some strap replacement then I decided to open my Entertainer application and browse through restaurants where I could have a decent meal. And voila! Denny’s showed up.

Denny’s is not something that I have recognized beforehand and mainly because there are too much food places that do well in terms of marketing their products online, unfortunately, Denny’s is not one of them, hence the lack of brand recognition. It’s an American diner taking pride with breakfast meals.


There’s nothing much interesting with the decors. It felt like I have been some other place that has the same vibe with Denny’s. Pretty much everything is well maintained and clean and that I guess is a bigger factor in a restaurant scene.

Food and Drinks

This is the second that I have dined at American themed restaurants in a span of one month. I must say that food is really awesome, taste and serving wise. Since I have an Entertainer voucher I have ordered two mains (of course I’m dining with hubby, I know I’m always hungry but gluttony have not seep deep into my being…at least “yet’!). We had a creamy parmesan pasta with shrimp and Ribeye steak with shrimp served with hash brown and corn.

Drinks, obviously we’re a pretentious healthy eater that’s why I don’t trust myself in giving feedback about potable drinks because all I ever want to order is water.

Let’s start digging into their food! I love the creamy parmesan pasta and I think that I will go back to Denny’s because of this! It has Pico de Gallo just like the béchamel based pasta of O’Learys Sports Restaurant but if I need to choose between the two, Denny’s will be my champion. I find it really surprising that pasta nowadays has Pico de Gallo as its ingredients. What’s more surprising is that the taste if Pico de Gallo sits well with it! This is a dish at Denny’s that I would be happy to recommend to my friends-in fact I just started recommending the place to my friends! It’s good to know that I still have redeemable voucher here.

Steak, the ribeye that we got was hard to chew and was a bit on the salty side (disclaimer: I don’t like salty food so this might taste okay for some others who have the high tolerance with salty tasting food). But I would love to commend the portion, It’s really huge that two people can actually have a dig! Lastly, I have realized that hash brown does not necessarily match with steaks.


Fantastic! They’re all smiling and very much welcoming from the time we entered until we left. It’s such a great feeling as a guest to receive some kind of treatment. Hospitality in Dubai is not dead!

What to try?

Definitely the creamy parmesan pasta 🙂

Denny's Restaurant American Diner Al Ghurair Mall

Denny's Restaurant American Diner Al Ghurair Mall

Denny's Restaurant American Diner Al Ghurair Mall

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