Khym, an introvert photographer wannabe, blogging about food and everything in between. Currently living in Dubai, UAE and is a pure blooded Filipina.

She has the heart for books (typically dystopian), watercolor painting, poetry (Lang Leav and Rupi Kaur are always the favorite), cooking, photography, food and adventures. She dreams of traveling different countries and places. Her alter ego existed way back years when she still does theatrical stuff such as acting, singing and dancing. She has a weird habit of laughing even at the most simplest of things. She loves and doesn’t mind adding numbers to her age but in fact feels repugnance in the complicated world of the unhappy and extremely robotic so-called “matured” people.

She dreams, to one day sit on her rocking chair, look back in her life with a huge smile on her face. 🙂

Hopefully, she can spread more of her creativity and happy thoughts throughout anywhere her blog may reach (ideally the world! Haha). Meantime, while that’s still pretty distant, she’s here writing her experiences in a space where she considers her chronicle updating and reaching out to people!