Hey! Thanks for dropping by this page to see what services I offer, but first let me introduce you to my professional experiences.

I am a full time Marketing specialist who have been in the hospitality industry since 2010. I currently work and handle an international brand heading its Marketing strategy, branding, messaging, social media, advertising, press communications and graphic designing. At the same time, I am also remotely managing my personal business in the Philippines.

In my free time, I like taking images people, experiences and mostly food. I am a digital savvy and I like being present in various online channels such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. You can check-out my social media through the below links


  • Social Media Management – includes postings, community management, research and reporting
  • Content Creation – short video clips, images, gifs, animation
  • Press Release and Copywriting – professionally made press releases for your PR & communications needs
  • Social Media Ads Management – targeted campaigns to get your brand reach more potential audiences
  • Graphic Designing and Logo Creation – creative and on-point designs that resonates with your brand
  • Branding – creating a professional persona for brands
  • Photography – pre nuptial and events shoots (you can checkout some of my photo works on the #GraceMyLens section of this blog right on the top part)

You can also find my gigs in here.

Reach out by filling-up the contact me page or send me an email at

Excited to work with you! Ciao!