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Gourmet Burger Kitchen

February 16, 2016

There was never a plan of dining with Gourmet Burger Kitchen at all, in fact me and my friend was dying to have Big Tasty from McDonalds that day. I mean Big Tasty goes on the second spot after my obsession with Burger Fuel. Nevertheless, the options of eating pasta and pizza are blatant for us but we were just magnetized by GBK. Maybe because that’s the nearest food spot we can delve ourselves into, plus it’s something new to try on.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen


We were at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen during weekends at around 4:30 in the afternoon, so you can imagine how busy the operation and the crowd was. It was hell busy that we experienced mishaps dining with them. Okay, so I just learned while I am writing this review that GBK have branches at some part of the world like London. But having a branch in London doesn’t mean a burger is guaranteed to be scrumptious as they’re supposed to.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen

My friend Apol


So we we’re attended by a Filipino guy who is very nice and so we ordered one Mushroom Swiss burger for me which was obviously with mushroom, Swiss cheese, caramelized onion over medium rare patty. My friend opted for a Cheese and Beef Bacon Burger which was with smoked cheddar, beef bacon and pickles over the same doneness of patty as mine with an additional fries. For the drinks, we slurped over milkshakes having chocolate and oreo.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Complimentary nuts while you wait

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The view at the patio dining

The order probably took a good 10 minutes…actually I am not sure because I was carried away conversing. But before we were given a chance to suck the burgers, there were a couple of mishaps that happened.

  1. A fanta drink was given to us  in a small cup, which left us puzzled because we never asked for a soda to drink. We thought it was free, so we sipped. In a matter of 5 magnificent minutes, the waiter went back to us saying that it wasn’t supposed to be ours. We felt sorry and said we’ve already sipped it so it ended as complimentary.
  2. The burgers came so they were both placed in front of us. Mine came with fries when I didn’t ordered fries instead I handed it over to my friend because it was hers and not mine. Good thing we took pictures first and didn’t eat them right away. The waiter approached us and told my friend that the order wasn’t hers so they took the burger and gave it to the right person. So I was left with the only burger in front of me, I waited for my friends order to come so we could start eating. The waiter came again and informed that the burger served to me wasn’t mine neither. At that point, we were like WOW! They took the burger with apologies and gave it to the right person. It was a very bad feeling as a customer.
  3. Finally our burgers came. THE RIGHT BURGERS FOR THE RIGHT ORDER TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE and this time served with the Oreo milkshake. So I asked where is the chocolate milkshake, the waiter said he forgot to wrote it down. AMAZING! He punched an additional order for the Oreo shake and served it well.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Cheese and Beef Bacon Burger

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Onion rings on the side (love ’em)

‘Nuff of the mishaps of the service because we’re down to judging the burger. To be honest, it’s not how I was expecting it. The burger is okay but there’s something in it that disappoints you. The bun aren’t perfectly baked that made small pieces of bread fall apart, it’s almost the same kind of bun that they serve in KFC. The combination of the mushroom, Swiss cheese and caramelized onion is glorious; I can eat it every now and then. Beef patty which I ordered medium rare was delivered exactly how I like the doneness to be, but the taste is bland. My friend’s cheese burger wasn’t impressive neither, same concerns she has was with the bun and the bland taste of the patty, also her patties were well done when in fact she ordered medium rare like mine.

The story never stops there though, as we were down to the last few bite of our meal. The waiter came back and asked if we were done and gestured as if he wants to remove the plates in front us. We’re not done and it definitely made us feel like we need to eat fast because they don’t have seats anymore for customers. Come on!

Finally we paid the bill and said our goodbyes to one of the worst customer service we have ever experienced. P.S their milkshakes and onion rings are damn good! Worth a try!


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