Melia Hotel Dubai Review

November 29, 2015
 It hurts to write this review knowing that the time I have spent with my husband is over. I am not being cheesy while having this “sepanx” thing, but well to be honest we have this weird set up.

After our marriage we’ve not spent ample time, simply because we do not live together. Yup, that’s right… we are totally not sleeping under the same roof neither get to sleep on the same bed. He is living at the south part of city and I am on the north side. This is because of our jobs and some complicated inevitable matters. What makes it more challenging is the fact that we do not have the same rest days. I always have weekends, given Friday and Saturday and he always have weekday which is usually Monday.

In that situation, we only get to see each other one time in a week’s row and that’s during his rest days since I cannot visit on his place as well. Anyhow, whenever we have some extra money to spend, we always book a night at a hotel. Usually it would be the night before his off which is Sunday so that he gets to rest the day after, however I prep up early and leave the hotel since I have the rest of the day allotted for work. Those times that we do not book, he would just pick me up from work and have dinner together which will basically be an approximate 4 hours maximum.

But this Eid holiday was amazing! We got one day with the same off and so we decided to celebrate togetherness and chose yet another hotel in the city and called it our first ever honeymoon.



Melia Hotel is a five star international Spanish hotel chain located in Port Rashid Dubai. The location is a bit hidden and is far from the downtown Dubai. If you’ll come to the city as a tourist the location is not much of a help due to distance from attractions such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis etcetera although you can ride a cab if you opt to go anywhere. Nearest metro station is Al Fahidi which is probably a 20-25 minutes’ walk from the hotel and I doubt bus are passing by the area as well.

The hotel however is nothing but perfect if you want to delve your time in Gold Souq which is just nearby.

The hotel lobby was very cozy and dim lighted which basically adds on the classy ambiance of the hotel. Lobby is where the reception is located alongside restaurants such as Alfonso, Qauntum and Azalya in where we had our dinner. Azalya is the same outlet in where buffet breakfast are being served at this hotel.

Upon checking in we are served with welcome drinks and assited by a very welcoming Filipina receptionist who have explained everything from the room amenities, timings and mainly all things that we need to know for the stay.

We have booked a standard room which I must say is quite big compared to other hotels where I have stayed. The Television was mounted and locked up inside a mirror like wall which I find very uniquie with a welcome message flashed. The hotel gave us with a complimentary cake accompanied by a lettert hat wished us a happy honeymoon from their Guest Experience team.

The Bathroom is what impressed me the most, I literally fell inlove with the tub (no kidding). The room is utterly perfect in terms of everything especially cleanliness and how well thought of the design is.

Food and restaurants are literally non-commendable. Dishes are extremely expensive for nothing in terms of portion and taste.  As mentioned we had dinner at Azalya , we ate salad, pasta and steak that makes me so sad because I was not able to take a snap at them. Service from food attendants is close to worse, definitely made you feel like you’re not welcome at all. They rarely smile and will act smug if you ask them to take a picture of you.

The next morning I ordered breakfast through their room service and this time it is much worse than our dinner. Expensive and bland, no jelly and jams which are always a staple when you serve bread basket and I was served hot milk for my cereals when I specifically ask for a cold one. Basically Food and restaurant experience here is forgettable.

Rooftop pool is nothing of an awe, it’s very small and cold. The rooftop is where you will see their award winning massage outlet which is way expensive that’s why I didn’t have the chance to splurge myself to such goodness. Estrella bar is located at the rooftop as well in which hoteliers in Dubai like me gets fashionable discount.


I hope to try sipping at the bar soon, I hope the experience will be better than their outlets.

To wrap things up final score for Melia would be 4 out 5. I really would recommend this hotel if your looking for value for money but definitely not advisable if you like to focus on touring around downtown area because this hotel is way too far from life. Perfect for staycation with your love one to just fly from the hustle and bustle.

Location  3 | Room 5 | Cleanliness 5 |  Amenities  5 | Food  2 | Service  4 except F&B which I’ll give 2 Price  5 | Value 5

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