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Osaka: Where and What To Eat?

May 11, 2020

I wanted to visit Japan ever since I was a kid. The influence on anime and cherry blossom is so strong that the desire grew in me until today. That dream came true this year and my choice to visit is of course Osaka. Osaka is known to be Japan’s kitchen and taking into consideration the foodie that I am, it is very likely that I will opt to fly to Osaka rather than Tokyo.

In this vlog, I will share some of my food experiences in Osaka Japan which includes both the good, the not so good and the highly recommended food or restaurants to eat in Osaka. Osaka is literally a huge kitchen for me, it is busy, upbeat and full of flavors. That’s very evident when you visit the famous Dotunburi which has a stretch of food stalls and restaurants that envelopes the whole place! Osaka food is literally crazy for sure. They have all your Japan food cravings covered down to the cheap ones till the pricey finds!

I hope you guys can visit those places that I have highly recommended especially the Ippudo Shiromaru Base in Umeda. This is by far the most amazing bowl that I have ever tasted, and I found it in Osaka.

  • Tokoyaki – taste like a typical takoyaki. Highly suggest for you to try takoyaki’s in Kyoto just before entering Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Ichiran Ramen – proper bowl of ramen but not the best one you’ll have
  • Starbucks Higashiyama – Great to experience the Japanese tatami seating
  • Matcha Latte Ice cream – highly recommended in Umeda Sky Tower
  • Kushikatsu or Kushiage – Average deep fried tasting meat and vegetable
  • Rice Bowls – Average. Perfect to fill you in the middle of the night
  • Kizakura – Highly recommended! Must try, Bluefin Tuna Otoro!
  • Kyoto Ramen – don’t even think about it, ramen are much better in Umeda. Kyoto is a great idea for historical visits not for the food.
  • Milk Tea – milk teas are everywhere, great for quenching your thirst to freshen up a bit after a long walk but not highly recommended
  • Matcha Ice Cream / Matcha Everything – Highly recommended, need I need to explain more?
  • UCC Drip Coffee – Highly recommended! I tasted it first in the hotel and grabbed a lot of pack from Don Quijote to bring back home
  • Ippudo Shiromaru Base – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED especially for ramen lovers. This is the bowl of your dreams!

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