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November 29, 2015
I have always been a fickle minded asshole in terms of blogging and I kind of have this love hate relationship thing with my tumblr account. Been blogging at the age of 20 just for txe sake of posting and I have moved from tumblr to wordpress to blogger platforms in the past years. Name it I probably have created an account somewhere else that I surely wouldn’t remember anymore. The craziest thing is, just recently I have created a new account on tumblr and completely ditch my old one (I don’t know), maybe because I’ve deemed that the old does not reflect me anymore? AND now, I just chose my forever live with wordpress and get hosted by Siteground! Thanks to Rachel from Gamin Traveler!

Anyhow, so yeah… here I go again (crossing my fingers right there)!

This blog is all about me and my life in general. This is kind of a warning actually because post can be very much random from my new cooking tragedies, new adventures at a book shop, or my insanely good watercolor artworks or my dead red lipstick of the day. It’s basically a “whatever” kind of space that I’m going to have right here.


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