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The Social House Dubai: Eat, Drink and Socialize

September 3, 2016

It was that one random wee hour in the morning when I felt nauseous, I kind of freaked out. The fear of pregnancy creeps in. But deep down in my gut feel, I know I’m not. I gave in to vomiting and right after, it felt like I wanted to eat fresh Oysters. That’s how I find out about Social House Dubai. The next day, I was riding to eat the freaking oysters.

Where is Social House Dubai?

It’s nestled inside one of the biggest if not the biggest mall in the world (I know! I need to do my research thoroughly)- Dubai Mall. From the main entrance, head straight towards the end and go one level down and just on the left-hand side is Social House Dubai. If you’re a fan of Dubai Mall you’ll know that the location of Social House Dubai is very near the Dubai Mall fountain and Burj Khalifa.

Interiors and Decors of Social House Dubai

I have to be very honest that I wasn’t really paying attention to details when I dined in Social House Dubai, but let me write the things that I can remember. The whole restaurant was packed which is considerable for a weekend. They have trees and books inside and a huge dining table good for groups when I visited.

Space is massive and well thought off. Social House Dubai have at least three dining section that I can remember. The first one is an open area accessible inside the mall, A group area where obviously they cater bigger group of diners, and the last one was where we were seated. And that’s right next to their Al Fresco dining area with the Burj Khalifa view. I’d love to go back and share more details about the decors and of course eat Oysters again!

Social House Dubai Food and Drinks Offerings

Social House Dubai have massive of menu items to choose from. You’ll have an option for eastern and western diners. What I really love about the Social House Dubai menu is that they also serve sushi and sake sashimi. Right then and there I knew that I will love this restaurant so much just like how I love Miyabi Sushi and Bento.

It was too much of a late lunch, I would say when we dined as we came at 4:30 pm and I really don’t want to bloat myself that much since I’m scheduled to eat at O’Learys Sports Restaurant to meet my friends too.

I ordered three fresh oysters (yes, because I need to put a stop on day dreaming about this mollusk!), Omotesando sushi roll and my forever date ordered Singapore style steamed chicken rice.

And here’s the verdict of Social House Dubai -the taste is AMAZING.

By amazing, I mean I’ll probably visit this place every too often. The oysters are so fresh, three order didn’t suffice the starvation. In fact, it made me crave for more. But an order is worth a “kashing-kashing” amount of money but it’s worth it. The Omotesando looks like a regular sushi at first sight but I have to compliment that it’s one of the most authentic tasting sushi I’ve ever had in Dubai. The Singaporean chicken tasted authentic as well and that is coming from my husband who lived in Singapore for two years. It’s like a comfort food in Singapore and mostly sold in the streets for a dollar. For me, the taste is very homey. The chicken is tender and juicy and the soup is just soothing.

Service at Social House Dubai

Social House Dubai is probably one of the busiest restaurants I have ever been to. The food attendant busy themselves from one table to the other. The treatment? Very excellent. The food was delivered in time, they’re all very approachable and welcoming. The downside is, they don’t have free wi-fi.

What to try in Social House Dubai?

I would say oysters! But I know not all fancy eating raw food like I do. Given that I can’t really recommend anything but the Singaporean chicken which is so good! Defnitely coming back for more!

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