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Solo Dubai: The Italian Spritz Experience

June 30, 2017
Solo Dubai

Raffles Dubai is always an eye-candy for UAE resident like myself and I have always wonder how it looked like on the inside given the very intriguing facade the hotel has, id est the familiar pyramid building and those statues. Take my word for it, Raffles Dubai is so hard to miss when maneuvering over Wafi.

I am well aware that I have too many backlogs but I am itchy enough to share my whole Solo Dubai experience which is obviously located in Raffles Dubai.

Basically, the whole team went to have a mini gathering which is more of like a send-off party for two of our dear colleagues (insert crying emoji here). Given that plurality are anxious enough to quench their thirst for “alcohol” (myself included) just before Ramadan begins, we opted to try the Aperitivo menu of Solo Dubai-an Italian diners paradise.

Solo Dubai ‘s Aperetivo menu lets you have unlimited antipasti and two choices of drinks for AED 120. I did try their Aperol Spritz-a combination of prosecco valdo, aperol and negroni drop, of course, my second glass has to be wine! It was my first attempt to try spritz and I must say that it is so refreshing although it has a bit of a bitter aftertaste which was fine because I kept on popping up wasabi green peas in my mouth and the combination of both is like gastronomical fireworks!

Speaking of gastronomy I haven’t been paying attention to what dishes I was eating because everything they serve tasted so good, it was so good we never stopped eating. Such a shame that I wasn’t able to take pictures of the food. Take my word for it, it all tastes fresh and a sure authentic Italian flare. Even the pasta was cooked al dente! Kudos to Solo Dubai Team.

Will I ever come back? Yes of course! Was it worth it? It is indeed.

Solo Dubai

My Lovely Teammates and Of Course Gilly! 



Gilly and Angela 

Solo Dubai

Rustic Vibes at Solo Dubai


Solo Dubai

View Outside

 Solo Dubai . Solo Dubai

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