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#StayAtHome Diaries: Easy 30-Minute Dumpling Recipe

April 18, 2020
#StayATHome Easy Dumpling Recipe

It’s been a while since I have published something in this space and that is obviously because of Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has given me all the time in the world. This #StayAtHome drive that is being implemented across the globe is obviously a huge challenge in mankind. Doors are shutting down for almost all business sectors and economy is crashing down, but we all have to learn how to see the silver lining in each phase in life.

When I initially learned that we need to make sacrifices and stay at home for quite some time obviously, for our safety, I was frantic. There’s just so many things that came up in my mind that mostly caused worry. Fast forward today, I now see the situation on a different light. I consider myself lucky for having the choice to #StayAtHome and still have all the resources that I need to be able to live a comfortable life. I believe that God always provides and makes way.

For the first few days of being busy with doing nothing, I decided to make a to-do list and made sure that I follow a routine every single day, I actually follow a schedule on what to do each time including the time for meals. I wanted to feel fulfilled after this #StayAtHome drive is done. In my schedule, I have incorporated projects and started to work on some things in life that I have set aside for quite a long time because I was busy living the career woman life.

One of the things that kept me occupied is focusing in creating content for my YouTube channel. The whole process has always been tedious but I love every bit of it. Yesterday, I have posted my love for cooking and thought of sharing an “Easy 30-Minute Dumpling Recipe” through my channel.

I hope you can recreate this recipe in the comfort of your home and always #StayAtHome and safe.

Image from: unsplash-logoCharles Deluvio

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