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Dino’s Cafe Al Qusais

February 24, 2016

Dinos Cafe Al Qusais, isn’t one of those fancy café you know about. In fact I would refer to it as something very basic and normal. The offerings vary from Indian, Filipino and some other International dishes. It was the nearest place that we can have a decent amount of serving with a respectable taste. The thing I love about Dinos Cafe Al Qusais is that, it never gets crowded. There’s always that place for an intimate and serious talk with…

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Movenpick – The Square Dubai Review

Almost a month overdue review about this amazing staycation place from an outlying district of Dubai. Out of all the hotels that I have stayed at, this probably beats all including Melia, which was a favorite place of mine. I believe I need not to introduce more…

December 19, 2015

April Joy

Another independent woman graced my lens. April Joy, an accountant from Sennheiser company Dubai. This morena filipina is a single mom of a cute little girl and is actually into ballroom dancing, exercising, reading books and cooking amazingly tasty pasta.…

December 17, 2015


As I officially giving serious time to my craft and to things that makes me happy, I have collaborated with an Emirates Airlines flight attendant for a mini photo session inside her home here in Dubai. It was a such fun and amazing experience…

December 6, 2015