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2017: Things You Don’t Know About Me

January 27, 2017

Yey, a new entry! Glad I’m making use of the money I’ve spent to buy a domain and planning to maximize every penny spent this year. Let’s see ’cause I actually have said that last 2015 when I first bought the domain and hosting (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a better blogging year!).

So to start the year of the coock-a-doodle-doo, I have decided to write things you don’t know about me. Sounds narcissistic, isn’t it? but, please. leave me be! To begin with, I’ll be dissecting this into two segments having “20 things you don’t know about me” as the first part and “17 foods I like eating” for the second half.

Shall we?

20 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. Highly fickle minded.
2. Jane of All Trades, Master of None.
3. Favorite color – black, bloody red, and white (however currently obsessing with brown and moss green).
4. I hate PINK and all the girly light colors.
5. Not a fan of sweets.
6. INTJ – Myer-Briggs ya’ll.
7. Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom is my all time favorite book
8. Lord of Lords by Hillsong and Steady My Heart by Kari Jobi is my favorite gospel and comfort song.
9. Not a fan of KFC and McDonalds or any other processed food.
10. I used to be super addicted to SIMS.
11. Tricia Gosingtian fan since the second half of 2008 (and she’s getting married this month, OMG can’t contain my happiness).
12. Believer of The Secret / Law Of Attraction (but find it really challenging to put into practice)
13. Stacie Orrico, Paula DeAnda, and Sara Bareilles are my fave singers!
14. Can play guitar, but not pro at it (be reminded of #2)
15. Joined a theatrical group way back college to challenge my fear of humans and my confidence.
16. I’m always thinking.
17. Overtly forgetful but can still remember vividly events that happened during the early years of my life (memories from 3 years old and up).
18. Highly forgiving.
19. Feminist.
20. Fave place on Earth? My husband’s arms (cheeseballs-but it’s true). It’s where I find peace.

17 Foods (or Drinks) I Like Eating (or Drinking)

1. Raw madness – Beef Tataki, Sake Sashimi, Fresh Oysters, Ceviche
2. Kimchi – a perfect replacement for popcorn while on movies
3. RICE!!!!! (intense)
4. PF Chang’s Pad Thai
5. Philippine street foods – kwek kwek (quail eggs), adidas (chicken feet), betamax (animal blood), isaw (chicken intestine)
6. Carluccio’s pasta and pizza
7. Commercialized coffee: SB Caramel Machiatto medium coffee and Caribou’s Mint Condition. Instant? Perl Coffee.
Specialty coffee: Tom and Serg / The Sum Of Us
8. TWG Sakura Sakura (the only tea I can drink without add-ons)
9. Sushi (Fave sushi place is Miyabi Sushi and Bento)
10. Sisig
11. Pako Salad (Fern Salad)
12. Seafood (any)
13. Tuyo (dried herring with matching egg. perf for breakfast)
14. Moutabel and Hummus
15. Steak Entrecote – medium rare
16. All Filipino Food 🙂 obviously
17. Dessert? Matcha cheesecake in Miyabi Sushi and Bento

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  • Reply Darby March 13, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Haha Number15 tho…

    • Reply khympascodizon June 30, 2017 at 11:29 am

      Darby! OMG I’ve been MIA since forevs ngayon ko lang nabasa to!

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