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Arabica Coffee: Your Quick Japanese Caffeine Fix

January 7, 2017

It’s the new year folks and while everyone is busy trying to focus on keeping track of their resolutions, I, on the other hand, have kept myself busy inside the kitchen exploring new dishes and learning how to cook using the oven (yup, conquered my fear).

If you have been following my Instagram stories, you’ll know that the main reason why I cook is to keep my husband’s tummy happy! He is my biggest critic given he have a very picky taste bud and that’s because he grew up in the culinary capital of the Philippines. I must say that I can’t compete to her mom’s cooking. Nevertheless, I’m happy that I got two thumbs up for my barbecued baby back ribs!

BUT what is good food without a good coffee to end it with, right? To add spice to our usual weekend, we tie our shoestrings up and walk our way to Dubai Mall to try some specialty coffee… the iconic Japanese coffee house and roaster founded by Kenneth Shoji (together with the world latte champion Junichi Yamaguchi)– Arabica Coffee!

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to take decent photos of the whole Arabica place. It was jam packed and you know, can’t take snaps of locals. Anyhow, Arabica is located at the ground level of Dubai Mall just behind Markette restaurant near the aquarium.

It’s a minimalistic themed store which is something cringe-worthy! It has a very limited space and base from my observation, it’s not your usual cafe where you could sit for long hours burying yourself in a good book or a place to have a meeting and close a deal. I’m not saying you can’t but the seats are limited and the place is a little bit distracting. Seat turnover is high, hence people probably just go here to silence the need for caffeine (a good one) sit a for a few minutes and kalas, leave.

Hubby is a latte person and I’m a macchiato drinker, but now, I did try something different. He ordered his usual fix, coffee latte medium Guatemala coffee and I had a matcha latte. The packaging, as usual, minimalistic and Instagram-worthy however, I find it pricey for its size (of course it’s a specialty coffee, isn’t it?). The same amount of money you spend can get you a venti cup of coffee in Starbucks. But hey, I enjoyed my matcha latte so no fuss. However, hubby find the coffee latte’s taste same as the others.

Am I ever going to recommend this Arabica or go back? Definitely and hoping to try their most recommended Spanish latte!






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