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Bianca Mozzarella and Co. : Rustic Italian Feast

July 28, 2016

The heat and humidity of Middle Eastern air did not stop us from strolling around the city! I Celebrated Eid Al Fitr with a friend by having a good Feast at Bianca Mozzarella and Co. (because we’re on a hunt for a good and new place to eat)!

Bianca Mozzarella and Co. is located in Box park in Al Safa. I’m not sure how long Box Park have been in operation but I think they’ve just opened recently or maybe a year earlier. Bianca Mozzarella and Co. specializes in Italian cuisine which means this is a place where people get a good tasting pasta!

Bianca Mozzarella and Co. did not disappoint us with everything. I must say that the long travel was worth it, especially for my friend who’s from Ajman. We arrived at around a quarter past 4 in the afternoon and the weather is ultimately unbearable! The restaurant’s air-conditioned system really helped us cope up.

The façade and interior of Bianca Mozzarella and Co. shouts for cleanliness as everything is almost white, thus gave that rustic feel. They even have this white bicycle parked just outside the restaurant that totally adds up to the ambiance of the store. Additionally, I felt really happy about how well thought of their center pieces are! They’ve used a cheese grater, a flat wooden ladle for a table number and a mini plant rooted inside a rustic can. Just lovely!

For the food, we ordered Insalata de Salmon and Tagliatelle con Funghi al profumo di Tarfuto (I don’t know how to properly pronounce this-can someone please help!). We decided to stick with still water because (one) it’s cheaper that way (2) we want to have tea at TWG (our favorite). Once seated we were served with bread and unlike any other Italian restaurants which served bread together with soy and olive oil mixture or a pesto sauce to dip into, in Bianca Mozzarella and Co. you do mix your own though, which is not a bad idea.

I loved everything about the food! The salmon, goat cheese and the baby oranges compliments each other in a very surprising way. The pasta was glorious! It’s a white based béchamel sauce with mushroom and truffle. I think by this time, I’ve realized that the harder to pronounce the dish, the yummier it will be!

They’re staff are very approachable and attentive. Definitely going back here to try their desserts!

Bianca Mozzarella

Bianca Mozzarella

Box Park, Al Safa, Dubai

Bianca Mozzarella

White Chairs

Bianca Mozzarella Bianca Mozzarella

Tagliatelle con Funghi al profumo di Tarfuto

Bianca Mozzarella

Insalata de Salmon

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