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Chilis City Centre Me’aisem Review

March 12, 2016

First things first, did Chilis just upgraded their food and menu design? Sorry, I have to ask! It has been a long time since I last visited one of their places and from my previous experience, I don’t think I’m a fan…until just recently.


We have dined with Chillies in the new City Centre Me’aisem for a late lunch and as usual it is packed with its patron. The first thing I’ve noticed is their menu, I thought it has changed since the last time, and I must say that they’ve done a great job with the new design (that’s coming from me who does designs every single day, I guess). The new menu triggered me to be more conscious about their offerings. I was suppose to order a Santa Fe Chicken salad but then I saw this Chipotle Beef Fresh Mex and thought of giving it a try plus a lemonade for a quencher.  My dates ordered Cajun Chicken Pasta with Margherita and a Rib Eye Steak well done with orange juice. And since we’re digging ourselves into a Mexicana treat, we added a guacamole with corn tortilla while we wait for the mains.


The guacamole was the first one to be served and to be honest; I wasn’t really expecting it to be that big of a serving. The server brought the mashed avocado in a huge stone bowl together with other ingredients on the side. He then asked us which ingredients we wanted for our guacamole, and having been always excited, we said to put them all. He then mixed and made the guacamole in front of us J and tadaaaa we’re happy just like that! The taste? The best! Although corn tortillas are so thin it’s going to chip once dipped on the guacamole.


Okay, so we go to scrutinizing the mains! I was actually excited to eat and try the Beef chipotle because it’s a first time for me to have a chipotle and this is because of the western media who never kept their lips mum over a chipotle diner is the US). The craze is actually a mixture of corns, black beans, citrus chili rice, chipotle pesto, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo (my fave), greens, strips of tortilla, avocado slices, lemon sour cream with cumin, steak and the thing I hate cilantro! (I removed them though). The chipotle is good and I think healthy. It is something that is extremely nice to eat when you really need to fill up a super hungry stomach because the meal is unbelievably heavy. Just imagine the rice, and the beans and the corn and the avocados, there’s just too much going on inside one bowl.

The next one will be the glorious Chicken Cajun pasta! OMG, I have to say this pasta is super. I can’t find the right words to describe how lovely this dish is. The pasta were cooked Al dente, the sauce, was creamy in a right way and the taste… heaven! We even tried putting some guacamole on the pasta and it taste just fine (that’s how good the guacamole and the cajun was).




Rib eye steak is well, steak.

Will definitely come back for more chipotle and Cajuns!

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