Depression: Let’s Talk Over Coffee

June 9, 2018

My heart goes out to everyone who is battling depression. With news feed being bombarded about the death of two well-known personalities, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I think it’s time for us to realize how big of a problem depression really is. It’s time for us to acknowledge that people do suffer unfathomably bad with depression. And it ain’t just stress. No, it is not.

A mind of a depressed person is louder and more chaotic than the real world, and we should know that. We should understand that. They appear to be calm and happy but inside their minds, there are a lot of things that are happening. It is very loud, too loud and too bad that they’re the only ones who can hear it. There are too many voices they don’t know how to break it all down into pieces so they kept it within themselves. They’re not the person they appear to be in social media. They try to reach out but nobody really cares, nobody dared to listen and nobody gives a fu*k how they’ve really been because they all thought it’s just this stress called “adulting”.

I know how it feels. I’ve done my fair share of deep self-rage, sleepless nights, wet pillows, hopelessness and unending questions. For the first time, in my existence, I’d like to admit, ladies and gentleman that I’ve gone through depression. I admit of thinking of dying but just the thought of the Lord and his existence in my life saved me from taking my own life so many times-yes you read that right. So trust me when I say, I feel you.

I am still trying to figure things out but I am much better. Going through it all made me notice the people who are really genuinely there for me. A simple “how are you?”, does go a long way.

So if you’re bothered with something and you feel you’re depressed, you don’t know how to break it all down, you don’t know how to let it all out, let me know. I am here, I might not know you but I will listen, I want you to know that I am here, that I understand what you’re going through. Let’s talk over coffee, shall we?

This is not a gimmick, I really do feel that it’s my social responsibility to reach out and listen. At least to make a difference, no matter how small that may be.

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