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Xiao Long Bao Experience at Din Tai Fung

May 16, 2016

I was really excited to try out the famous Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung for the first time. I’ve been hearing a lot about this Xaio Long Bao from way back and it’s been such a favorite among Asian bloggers which, given the fact that I am Asian, actually stirred curiosity in me. I first knew about Xiao Long Bao from one of the gastronomical adventures of Tricia Gosingtian.

So just recently, a certain part of Mall of the Emirates have been refurbished to make it a much more convenient place for shoppers and chillers at weekends alike. The renovation mainly focused on a space where the new cinema was located (I need to commend such wonderfully crafted and thought of cinematic experience). Nearby are new food concessionaires such as Texas de Brazil, Dean and Deluca and Din Tai Fung.

Having a long obsession and curiosity of Xiao Long Bao made me dine with Din Tai Fung yesterday before hitting the Theatre to be with Captain America and Iron Man. Basically, the restaurant is an international hit with branches and stores in the USA, Singapore, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines and now Dubai. They’re famous for their authentic Xiao Long Bao, known as “soup dumplings”.


Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung

Chicken Xiao Long Bao (Poke them a little before biting them as they do have soup in them)

When we came, the restaurant was packed with so many patrons on a semi Al fresco kind of dining. Their staff are warm and very approachable. I sat myself with high anticipation of quality and taste not forgetting the very fact and goal of my visit. We ordered, obviously the soup dumplings i.e xiao long bao, chicken andsShrimp dumpling and chicken ciao mien.

The order took an approximate time of 30 minutes before they got served. And as first timers, we were briefed that Xiao Long Bao has its own dip which is a mixture of rice vinegar and soy sauce with shredded ginger. Your designated attendant will assist you on creating a perfect dip for your soup dumplings.

Here comes the time when we started munching. Verdict? It wasn’t that mind blowing. In fact, my expectation weren’t met but was rather left with disappointment. Xiao Long Bao (with or without the dip) is an ordinary dumpling. It tasted exactly like the other dumpling that we’ve ordered so nothing to be amazed of. Caio Mien was like a regular stir fried noodle. Again, nothing grand nor does it have a factor that would really wow anyone.

Totality, I felt like I should have dined in PF ChangsI could’ve made my tummy well satisfied.

But!!! Service is really commendable… bravo!!!

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai FungChicken and Shrimp Dumplings

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