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Dino’s Cafe Al Qusais

February 24, 2016

Dinos Cafe Al Qusais, isn’t one of those fancy café you know about. In fact I would refer to it as something very basic and normal. The offerings vary from Indian, Filipino and some other International dishes.

Dinos Cafe Al Qusais

Dinos Cafe Al Qusais

It was the nearest place that we can have a decent amount of serving with a respectable taste. The thing I love about Dinos Cafe Al Qusais is that, it never gets crowded. There’s always that place for an intimate and serious talk with a friend. Although the interiors are not ravishing, still it has that vibes that makes you feel as if you’re eating at home. Yes, it gives that pang of comfort.

So I had something light that could still fill me up for the rest of the day. Ended up with Chicken Caesar Salad and toasted bread with butter and jam and my companion had Seafood pasta in white sauce. For drinks we both had milkshakes, mine as Oreo and his Strawberry (I still have hangover about that milkshake in GBK, read about my review about Gourmet Burger Kitchen Marina here.)

Dinos Cafe Al Qusais

Dinos Cafe Al Qusais

Salad, was good although not outstanding as zaatar zeit’s and pasta was, well tasted like a pasta with seafood and white sauce in it. Nothing really special about the food, it’s something that is edible but not the kind that will leave you in awe.

Service was amazing, I think they’re the most attentive and approachable servers here in Dubai.

Dinos Cafe Al Qusais   Dinos Cafe Al Qusais

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