Khym Pasco-Dizon is a married lass who’s an introvert passionate about marketing and photography. Khym does blog/vlog about life experiences, travel, recommendations and lifestyle in general. Currently living in Dubai, UAE and is pure blooded Filipina.

She has a heart for books (typically self enhancement, motivation and positivity books), watercolor painting, poetry (Lang Leav and Rupi Kaur are always the fave), cooking, photography, food and adventures. A home buddy that enjoys cooking, taking snaps, exploring food and adventures.

She dreams of traveling different countries and places, but ultimately, she dreams, to one day sit on her rocking chair, look back in her life with a huge smile on her face. 🙂

Hopefully, she can spread more of her creativity and happy thoughts throughout anywhere her blog/vlog may reach. Meantime, while that’s still pretty distant, she’s here documenting her experiences in a space where she considers her diary.