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Osaka: Where and What To Eat?

May 11, 2020

I wanted to visit Japan ever since I was a kid. The influence on anime and cherry blossom is so strong that the desire grew in me until today. That dream came true this year and my choice to visit is of course Osaka. Osaka is known to be Japan’s kitchen and taking into consideration the foodie that I am, it is very likely that I will opt to fly to Osaka rather than Tokyo. In this vlog, I will…

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Solo Dubai
Food and Restaurant

Solo Dubai: The Italian Spritz Experience

Raffles Dubai is always an eye-candy for UAE resident like myself and I have always wonder how it looked like on the inside given the very intriguing facade the hotel has, id est the familiar pyramid building and those statues. Take my word for…

June 30, 2017
Food and Restaurant

Arabica Coffee: Your Quick Japanese Caffeine Fix

It’s the new year folks and while everyone is busy trying to focus on keeping track of their resolutions, I, on the other hand, have kept myself busy inside the kitchen exploring new dishes and learning how to cook using the oven (yup, conquered…

January 7, 2017
Food and Restaurant

Red Dragon Restaurant: Pan Asian Restaurant

Drooling and spending time at an Asian restaurant around the metropolis is such a vast feeling of relief because somehow it gives a taste of comfort. A nostalgic feeling that kind of brings you back to where you’re rooted-home. I am such a lucky…

September 25, 2016
Food and Restaurant

Denny’s American Diner Al Ghurair

Noticeably, I’m on a constant hunt for new places to eat juts because it’s my way of distressing. Shopping expensive things never really sat well with me. And just about that, I recently passed by Al Ghurair mall to visit G-Shock factory outlet for…

August 23, 2016
Food and Restaurant

Kite Beach: Finding Salt (Salt Burger)

Writing backlogs again! And if you’ve noticed, I’m so happy on how my Instagram have grown after a mini collaboration I had with Ruben of Gamintraveler. So recently my social media feed is full of FOOD! And I think I’m going to stick to…

August 20, 2016