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Food and Restaurant

Lao Restaurant: A Vietnamese Cuisine Experience

Lao Restaurant experience has been on my back logs for almost a month now since obviously, I have been buried to other things beneficial for a living. BUT, I’ve been meaning to definitely write a review about this precious gem hidden somewhere in Dubai. Lao…

July 21, 2016
Shakespeare and Co.
Food and Restaurant

Victorian Feels Shakespeare and Co.

After a meeting I had in Sharjah, me and my colleague decided to get ourselves a good lunch. And given the fact that I reside in Dubai, there’s no other place I can think of rather than Al Majz waterfront. Since we were in a hurry…

May 24, 2016
Food and Restaurant

Xiao Long Bao Experience at Din Tai Fung

I was really excited to try out the famous Xiao Long Bao at Din Tai Fung for the first time. I’ve been hearing a lot about this Xaio Long Bao from way back and it’s been such a favorite among Asian bloggers which, given the…

May 16, 2016
Food and Restaurant

March Diary

Hey!  How time flies so fast that March have already ended, would you agree? This month have been so much of a blast for me. I got my initial project stint as a blogger (yey!- at least I know that the page is searchable…

March 31, 2016
Food and Restaurant

Chilis City Centre Me’aisem Review

First things first, did Chilis just upgraded their food and menu design? Sorry, I have to ask! It has been a long time since I last visited one of their places and from my previous experience, I don’t think I’m a fan…until just recently.…

March 12, 2016
Food and Restaurant

Dino’s Cafe Al Qusais

Dinos Cafe Al Qusais, isn’t one of those fancy café you know about. In fact I would refer to it as something very basic and normal. The offerings vary from Indian, Filipino and some other International dishes. It was the nearest place that we can…

February 24, 2016
Food and Restaurant

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

There was never a plan of dining with Gourmet Burger Kitchen at all, in fact me and my friend was dying to have Big Tasty from McDonalds that day. I mean Big Tasty goes on the second spot after my obsession with Burger Fuel.…

February 16, 2016
Food and Restaurant

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique Dubai Review

I am neither a fan of coffee nor tea and if you ever find me drinking either of the two, it’s because that’s what I felt like drinking at that certain time of the day. Obviously, health advocates would delve over tea which I…

November 29, 2015