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Food Truck Jam Dubai – A Fun way to Spend Weekend

April 24, 2016

It is a fact that the famous music festival in Cali, known as the “Coachella” does not exist here in Dubai albeit the obvious that people would want to experience it for themselves, myself included. The hunger that I felt when Coachella started somehow got dispersed when I deemed to attend an outdoor weekend treat with my friends. It wasn’t exactly Coachella-ish (not even near, I guess) but the very fact that I’m outdoors, thin sheets of blanket in between my body that is pressed against the cold grass is something that I have associated with the infamous festival. Besides, everyone was rocking their outfit perfectly. So where did I went? I went to Food Truck Dubai

Food Truck Dubai

The Food Truck Dubai Jam” held at Emirates Golf Club yesterday. The open area was filled with food trucks, live music, balloons, beer and adorable people in their outfits plus little cutie kids. The happiness starts at 3 pm and runs until 11 pm.

Food Truck Dubai     Food Truck Dubai Food Truck Dubai Food Truck Dubai  Food Truck Dubai Food Truck Dubai   Food Truck Dubai Food Truck Dubai Food Truck Dubai Food Truck Dubai

Food Truck Dubai Food Truck Dubai

Food trucks er-where and you can pay using your card!

Food Truck Dubai

Good live music

Food Truck Dubai

We wait for the sun to come down, and oh… can you feel the good vibe? 

Food Truck Dubai

It’s a good place to have a chit chat with bestie, I wish I brought pillows with me.

Food Truck Dubai

My Shrimp Taco 

Food Truck Dubai


Food Truck Dubai

My date


Food Truck Dubai

The cutie baby that played with us 

Food Truck Dubai

You get free balloons also!

I must say the foods are pretty expensive and the taste doesn’t have the wow factor in it. Me and my buddies just delved over some shrimp taco, nachos, guacamole and the good oh beer. It’s a nice place to just relax and have a good chat with friends and get to know strangers. Some random people even formed camaraderie over their same curiosity to learn hula hoops.

The place is just pure feel good feeling. The live music from different bands lets you sing along all together or even dance whenever you feel the beat. Literally you can just let loose and be yourself, drink beer, eat and have fun.

I will definitely look forward to going back again and hoping to share my next food truck experience with my husband.

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