January: What Have I Been Doing?

February 10, 2019

Ten days past February and it feels like the year is already on its last quarter, which is very usual in a fast-paced city where I am currently rooted. This post is actually a filler because I really don’t know how to spend this contemporary time productively so might as well write, besides it has been awhile.


So what made my January a January?

Well, entering the new season of my life and the so-called “2019” I decided that I wanted to keep this year as productive as possible. So productive that I usually wake up at 5 am on weekends to hit the gym and stretch, besides I better make use of the money I pay for that privilege, right?. Pretend that I like to eat light meals after a sesh and ended up eating heavy rice when the sun breaks the horizon and pops up for a new day. Well, that kind of productivity lasted for two weeks.

I have been gifted two 2019 planners. One I allocate for work and the other for my personal endeavors. First few weeks was fun with all those colors and highlights. That lasted till last week. I seldom use the one for work as I prefer a digital calendar with a pop-up reminder on my PC and phone whilst for my personal, I am still pursuading myself to write on it constantly and act as if I really have a plan (which I think I do, most of the time?)

Moving on to the good news, I finally have renewed my passport and have updated my married name which was a very tedious process. I really want to find time to write about that and hope to enlighten others about my experience, lucky if I do not get lazy in the next few days to write.


I was also given the chance to finally camp and trek a tiny mountain in Fujairah which was fun (and tiring), but I realized that I am that type of person who prefers to stay in a hotel and actually have a proper well-prepared bed and then do picnics outdoors rather than freeze in the night eating melted marshmallows. It’s a great experience though not something that I would do often. By now you probably have noticed that I am not into an active lifestyle. I am trying though and by trying I mean I dream that I am actually inside a gym or having a vinyasa yoga, yeah, just dream.


Finally, Perrie came into my life! Perrie is my first ever car and I have been so tired driving aimlessly getting lost in traffic ever since. Although I love the convenience and privacy of owning a car gives you. You can shout, sing, dance and basically be your stupid self inside the comfort of your car and probably blast the driver that cuts exactly right in front of you. I named it Perrie because I am in love with Perrie Edward’s voice.

Other than that, life is life. Let’s see how this “productivity” induced plan will go this February.

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  • Reply Rachel Pregunta February 10, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    Congrats on the first car!

    • Reply khympascodizon February 12, 2019 at 2:34 am

      Awww, thanks ate! I realized nakakapagod din pala magdrive hahah 🙂

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