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The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently: Volume One

I stumbled upon this blog post from Jean and thought that writing The Sunday Currently would be an amazing idea. So I guess, people just write random thoughts about how things are going in their life at the current moment.  So here’s my take on The…

May 15, 2016
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Food Truck Jam Dubai – A Fun way to Spend Weekend

It is a fact that the famous music festival in Cali, known as the “Coachella” does not exist here in Dubai albeit the obvious that people would want to experience it for themselves, myself included. The hunger that I felt when Coachella started somehow…

April 24, 2016
Personal Photography

Scuba Diving in Ajman

                   Kholousi, Jen and Jem Woke up on a freaking Friday morning and hopped myself to a stranger’s car who drove past Sharjah to do scuba diving in Ajman. It wasn’t a bad idea riding to someone I barely knew, in…

April 9, 2016

Ski Dubai – Ski Resort Inside the Mall

I’ve been with Dubai for almost three years now and Ski Dubai is always part of my yearly bucket list which never really happened, until just recently. Why did it ever take so long? Mainly because it isn’t affordable and I can’t just drop…

March 23, 2016
Personal Photography

Khym + Josh Prenuptial Part I

Thank you to the amazing Jheyar Mariano of Still in Motion Production for making every penny spent worth it. Truly amazing work of art 🙂 You can contact Jheyar through facebook  he does international shoots as well 🙂 “Once in awhile, right in the middle…

February 15, 2016

I am now hosted by Siteground!

  I have always been a fickle minded asshole in terms of blogging and I kind of have this love hate relationship thing with my tumblr account. Been blogging at the age of 20 just for txe sake of posting and I have moved…

November 29, 2015