Ski Dubai – Ski Resort Inside the Mall

March 23, 2016

I’ve been with Dubai for almost three years now and Ski Dubai is always part of my yearly bucket list which never really happened, until just recently. Why did it ever take so long? Mainly because it isn’t affordable and I can’t just drop a AED 250 just like that for something that I can always experience if the time and budget would permit. I mean there’s always a next time kind of mentality that I had right there.

Thanks to The Entertainer vouchers for cutting off half the price and letting us pay one shot AED 250 for two people. My Ski Dubai experience was shared together with my lovely Aunt who had her vacation in town.

Ski DUbai   

Okay, so to set it straight neither me nor my aunt have any experience with skiing so we’re just basically there to entertain ourselves with the cold temperature and the activities inside. For a ticket that would admit one (either a regular or discounted), it will come together with a free ski jacket, pants, gloves, socks and boots. The only thing that you need to carry if you plan on going would be a scarf and a bonnet to keep your ears and head warm all throughout. Plus! Bring extra socks and gloves… yup, you got to wear double to keep warm inside. It was -4 degree Celsius when we stepped in.  Alternatively, a shop is available for all your skiing needs just beside the ticket counter.

You can buy an access for a locker at the reception while paying your passes. Be sure not to forget to bring a go pro or whatever camera you have (slrs are wlcome btw), and this might be a bit strange but yes keep some money on your pocket when you enter the resort, I definitely regret that I didn’t.

Ski Dubai

For a regular pass you get to enjoy a very limited number of activity inside, which was an ice slide, the zorb thing where you go inside a giant balloon and you roll upside down inside of that balloon while it slopes down the chilly ice floor. This zorb thing is really not my thing, too much dizziness after I got out. And the last thing, that we did was to ride this cable car which can only be rode once (again for a regular priced ticket.). It goes all the way up, to the most top part of the resort, expert ski people get off at the last cable stop to ski their way down.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Just by looking at these ski people gliding down through thick ice makes me want to know how to ski. Unfortunately, I live in a desert and skiing in the mall will cost me a lot of fortune. So, the resort has a ski school inside which basically teaches anyone how to ski. This blatantly isn’t free and neither was the skiing part. If you like to ski, an additional amount must be paid at the ticketing booth. I am not exactly sure of the exact price but it ranges from AED 200-250 per person the same price range goes for a penguin encounter.

Also, the resort has coffee shops inside which is way cool! I really felt bad I didn’t experience drinking coffee inside a ski resort. Shame!

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Totality of the experience is okay though not outstanding. A regular pass would just bore the hell out of you if you’re not really into activities like sliding down the ice and rolling inside a gargantuan balloon. There wasn’t really much in there to be honest for people like me who doesn’t know anything about skiing. The experience was nice but not great. Riding the cable car, I think was the highlight for my whole adventure. It lets you just sit and relax and see all these people slope down the ice and be amazed by the fact that the whole resort was man made.

Ski Dubai

Lastly, we took a cup at the Cheesecake Factory to keep us warm while heading home.



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