The Sunday Currently: Volume Two

May 31, 2016

Okay, this The Sunday Currently post is two days late but anyhow, I’m still going to write anyway because I have been experiencing so much blessing recently. My promotion is on process and I just moved in to a new place that is nothing but awesome. It’s a bit on the outskirts of the town, but I really don’t mind. The place is an ultimate serenity, very quiet, peaceful and clean. God’s timing is always perfect never too late and never too early, I’m so thankful for his guidance and I feel overwhelmed for what he has done to my life.

reading work emails plus courses materials for my social media marketing course.

writing well, this post and a marketing plan for the company

listening to Middle by DJ Snake (oh, drop ’em beats!)

thinking about redecorating my new place and cleaning the balcony.

smelling my perfume.

wishing that the promotion goes smoothly?

hoping to find ways on how to give back and save money.

wearing my corpo suit

loving social media marketing course

wanting to travel and color the roots of my hair. (which color?)

needing to finish the marketing plan!!!

feeling blessed, as always!

clicking… the keyboard? haha dope.

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