What To Do When Things Gets Blurry and Shaky in Life

June 7, 2016

We usually want our life to be happy and filled with contentment surrounded by the people we love so dearly. However, in as much as we try, little tragedies in life gets in our way and usually takes the toll on us.

I for instance lived a happy life until things went from smooth sailing to raining cats and dogs. Majority of my 2015 are focused on troubles and problems combining personal and work wise scenarios. But I have managed to keep myself grounded and focus through this tough times. Although, I have to admit that there were days when sleep won’t find me and bathroom cry scenes are such a fixture.

It can really get messed up all at the same time sometimes which we surely have the tendency to lose focus on things that really matters. It’s hard to cope, bring yourself up and move when everything inside you is as frail an egg yolk.

But everything is not permanent. “This too shall pass” or “This is life” are one of the common lines I keep on repeating to myself when facing a really troubled time. Let me share you the things that I do when life gets shaky and blurry for me.

What To Do When Things Gets Blurry and Shaky in Life

  1. I cry behind closed doors

Yup, I cry when things get too heavy for me to bear. I let it all out until I feel okay. Sometimes, it would take me two to three sessions to cry myself out until I’m okay. I wanted to cry first and let all the emotions come out because I want to have a clear mind when I start dealing with problems otherwise, it’s going to be harder.

  1. I pray and talk to the big guy up there

There’s nothing more soothing than talking with him. It’s not a two-way conversation like I can get an answer to everything that I ask, but the faith keeps me going. The assurance that all through-out the battle he’s with me. I have proven this so many times in my life. He never did fail me; his timing is always perfect. All that I have is all because of his guidance all through-out my life.

  1. I talk to myself and analyze everything

When I’m okay, I literally talk to myself and lay everything down. Sometimes I write it on a paper to point out the problems, where it came from and what went wrong until I understand everything.

  1. I explore possibilities and solutions

Once I have done to analyze, I also try to list down items on how I could solve my problems. I usually come up with solutions and write the positive and the negative side of each option. It’s weird but yes, that’s the way I do it.

  1. I don’t blame myself or anyone for the situation

Sometimes, you’d come up with solution that is wrong and I guess that’s okay. It’s part of life and the learning process. I don’t blame myself for the wrong things that has happened instead I focus myself more on coming up with solutions rather than getting stuck at sulking.

  1. I keep a positive mantra

I keep that fighting spirit going, I always tell myself… “This too shall pass” for it will pass and the next thing you know you’re up and running and smiling again.

  1. I let go of the negativeness

If things aren’t getting any cooler despite the efforts of making things better, I let go of them. I don’t want to stress out myself about things that cannot be changed. I’d rather focus on things that makes me happier. Life is short.

  1. I listen to happy music and imagine a vacation for myself

Just for a treat, I put on music and imagine myself traveling or sometimes I imagine myself shopping and buying things that I can never afford in real life. I relaxes me and I like it.

  1. I find ways to laugh by eating foods and spending time with positive people

The best way for me to laugh and be calm is to be with my husband. He’s my mortal enemy slash best friend and he makes all my troubles away when I’m with him. We eat foods and watch funny videos together which I find as a good relief.

  1. What have I learned

When the problems have passed, I analyze what are the things that I have learned through the process and what are the things that I shouldn’t be doing again.

  1. And then, life goes on

Move on and keep in your mind all the things that you’ve learned through the process and always surround yourself with positive people and read books that will make your life better. I highly recommend Tuesdays with Morrie for a good start.

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