Thoughts: Let’s Commit on Living

November 25, 2017

In less than a week I’ll travel to Bali for a 10-day trip. This will be the last trip before wrapping up the year and I’d like to enjoy every bit of it. Although it wouldn’t be pure leisure as I will be there to act upon dreams and goals (i.e business) but I’ll make sure to make time for myself. I can’t wait to get lost in thoughts and ideas again.

Truly, being an adult is such a crazy thing. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know myself anymore and I guess that’s a very challenging thing to deal with. With all things that are going on that piles up every day, it’s obvious that making time for things that truly nurture one’s self is just as difficult as trying to see things in a dark pit room.

But how does one should live? I honestly don’t know and I presume that there’s no straightforward nor a right definitive statement that might answer that question. But, this one’s for sure… we have to know who we really are despite it all. Everything and everyone can sway, swerve and deviate the way they want to but if our true core and our soul is intact and at peace, I guess we’ll be fine no matter the circumstance may be.

The world is simply as it is. Let’s not complicate it any longer! Let’s do things that make us happy. Let us surround ourselves with people that will add up to our happiness and people that actually makes sense. Let’s commit to living and not letting the day just pass by. Let us fully live even though we don’t fully know how to properly live but who give a darn anyway?



Photo credits to: Jayven Tabernilla | Outfit: Nicole

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